so in English, we had this Socratic seminar group discussion thing..
    and me and this girl started debating about physical punishment and discipline and stuff
    god I respected her opinion but I seriously thought she was going to eat me.
    she kept cutting me off lol
    but whatever I still stand by the fact that physical force can be a method of disciplinary action (as long as it’s used right).
    (at venting -)



    falsette. cassette. faucet.

    I hate the circle frame thing for the profile pic.

    I’ll be back on tomorrow hopefully.
    But when I do, I promise to upload those clips.

    my parents have been fighting and arguing a lot.
    they just did today.
    I don’t even know anymore.

    I’m not feeling okay.
    mentally or physically.

    yes, I have not been on for the last few days.
    I’d like to explain that in the next few pictures.

    my edit.
    I don’t know what to do anymore.

    too much homework is the reason why I don’t even see the sun anymore. (at nanda.)

    bullcrap, I was gonna play gtf today.

    I love this photo.
    fuck high quality. (at all hail to that bitch ↓)

    shoutout to all the sidewalks for keeping me off streets. (at steal this and lose an arm.)

    lana del rey lyric bit whut.

    @zehunxo and thank you love, I appreciate it. (at i killed bill.)